Thursday, August 13, 2009

How To Improve Your Child's Appetite

Be a smart parent and adopt these practical tips to improve your child's appetite.

  1. Unleash your creativity. Pay particular attention to food preparation and presentation for extra appeal. Use a cookie cutter to turn the bread into interesting fun shapes like animals, then wrap it in colorful sandwich bags.
  2. Allow 30 minutes for each principal meal.
  3. Don't force it. Do not be easily upset about this. He'll eat when he gets hungry.
  4. Don't scold the child during mealtime regarding table manners with young children. Good table manners will develop later after the child acquires a better attitude toward food.
  5. Avoid softdrinks, candies and snack-in between meals. A child can be hungry only when he has not eating 2 hours before a principal meal.
  6. Set the example with good family habits. Parents and child should eat together as much as possible. Do not mention your own food preferences. Maintain pleasant table conversation. Avoid distractions during mealtime, such as softdrinks, candies, internet, TV, PSP, toys, etc.
  7. Ask your pediatrician if he can prescribe vitamins to your child to provide your child a well rounded diet. Vitamins help to increase appetite and stimulate growth and energy.
  8. Keep your children informed. It is never too early to educate children about food. In fact, preschool children are already taught the basics of "good" versus "bad" foods. These certainly will help them make the right choices later on, with or without your direct supervision.

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